This page is for information about Amateur Radio at CI.

Interest Group Meetings

UPDATE: It’s Fall 2022, and we have a radio room in Del Norte 3512. So we’re goint to start meeting there on Fridays at 1pm.

Meetings will be informal. We will use the time to talk about what we can do with amateur radio at CI, how individuals can earn a license to become an amateur radio operator, and other topics related to amateur radio.

Once we have an idea of what the group of interested people want to do, we will identify meeting topics in advance and announcement them to the amateur-radio email list.

Email List

There is an email list for those interested in staying up-to-date with this interest group. To subscribe to the email list, send an empty email to with the subject line

subscribe amateur-radio FName LName

where FName is your first name and LName is your surname or family name. (If you’re name doesn’t conform to this pattern, we apologize. You’re welcome to try something or to leave both blank.)

When the list serve software received this email, it will reply to you with information about the list. You can find an archive of past messages to the list at this website. Emails you send to this will also appear in this achive.

If you have questions about this email list, please feel free to email them to Dr. Jason Miller.

There are many sources of information on amateur radio online. Here are a few links of regional interest:

  1. Amateur Radio Emergency Service/Auxiliary Communications Service (ARES/ACE) in Ventura County:

  2. Conejo Valley Amateur Radio Club:

  3. Pleasant Valley Amateur Radio Club:

  4. Radio Licensure Examination Information from the Federal Communications Commission

  5. Question pool for amateur radio license exams:

Poster Information (Spring 2022)

The poster for the Amateur Radio Interest Group has several pictures that were shared under a Creative Commons license.