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  • Standards-Based Grading Conference

    Registration is now open for the STEM higher education Master Grading Conference on 11-12 June 2021.

  • Great advice for everyong heading into the New year

  • Academic Integrity

    On Christmas Eve, a letter from a member of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) appeared in MAA Connect, a community discussion board. The member, who is named Richard, was sharing his frustration with incidents of dishonesty he’d uncovered in one of his mathematics classes. He shared a letter he wrote and sent to the students, and he invited others to share how they have dealt with academic dishonetsy in their classes. This is what I wrote and posted in MAA Connect in response.

  • Conic Sections on Twitter

    Saw this cool tweet and wanted to see how it would render on this web site.

  • Adding post tagging to jekyll's Minima theme

    It’s almost Christmas Eve and I’m fiddling with a web page. I moved my content from a Wordpress site to a jekyll installation that can be hosted freely by GitHub. The ‘minima’ theme seems to scratch most of my itches, but there are a couple I want to address in the next couple days. Today’s is tagging.

  • Liquid Template Language in Markdown on Jekyll

    As I’m trying to document my experience customizing my jekyll install to allow posts to have tags, I realize that the blocks of Liquid template langauge don’t render in my syntax blocks.

  • Adjusting My Teaching During Our Public Health Emergency

    On Wednesday evening, the University responded to public health concerns about the novel coronavirus (SAR-CoV–2) by transitioning all face-to-face lecture classes to virtual instruction. This change affects all my courses. I’m writing about my plans here so my students know what to expect.

  • Needs proof

    Every triangle has a line through it that simultaneously divides its area and its perimeter each in half. (Why?) For an isosceles triangle that special line is its line of symmetry. Where is that special line for a 3-4-5 right triangle?

  • Student Agency and Performance Climate

  • Memorizing Mathematics

  • Research Opportunity with the U.S. Navy

    If you’re a member of the CI faculty, and you’re interested in work being done at one (or more) of the commands at Naval Base Ventura County, then you should consider applying to participate in the ONR’s Summer Faculty Research Program. The application is not onerous, and you don’t even have to line up a collaborator, first. (Though I imagine that would help.)

  • Problem with the Anabat Swift

    The purpose of this post is to describe an error we’re experiencing with two of our Anabat Swifts. The third Swift in our stable works perfectly well, we think. In this post, I’ll summarize our problem. Then I will give a detailed report on our last encounter with the problem. If we solve the problem, I will edit this post to include an explanation of the source of the problem (as I understand it) and the solution to the problem.

  • Trouble with Anabat Insight

    I’m experiencing some ‘bad behavior’ from Analook Insight, a program I’m using to clean call files recorded with an Anabat Swift.

  • Making and Edukating: an idea waiting to happen (revised)

    Across the country, a handful of companies, nonprofit groups, public educational agencies and even science museums are trying to make manufacturing seem, well, fun. Focusing mainly on children aged 10 to 17, organizations including the Da Vinci Science Center in Allentown, Pa.; and Stihl, a maker of chain saws and other outdoor power equipment in Virginia Beach, Va., run camps that let students operate basic machinery, meet workers and make things.

  • Up and Up: Putting the Balloons to Bed


  • Tremendous. Experience.


  • Up and Up: If Lost, Please Return To....


  • Up and Up: Still Winds Over Campus


  • Up and Up: Breaking Against the Wind


  • Up and Up: Failure Lies on the Path of True Knowledge

    There’s a failure meme out there, and here is our contribution. I post this for fun and to contribute to the meme.

  • Up and Up: Further adventures in educational ballooning


  • Making and Edukating: a fun test leading to a big week

    In a little over a week, I play host to 33 junior high students from Kansas City who are going to come to Truman’s campus and spend three days learning what college is like. For the last few weeks, I’ve been madly putting a program together that leans somehow on model rocketry. What can be more fun that controlled explosions, right?

  • A Pogue PR Misstep?

    Just caught this on the popular gadget reviewer and a freelancer for The Times, David Pogue, is caught up in an ethics foofaraw concerning his relationship to public relations (PR) people.