As I’m trying to document my experience customizing my jekyll install to allow posts to have tags, I realize that the blocks of Liquid template langauge don’t render in my syntax blocks.

My python and html and plain text render fine, but all the Liquid code doesn’t appear. This post is how I fixed that.

It looks like the standard way of doing syntax highlighting in markdown doesn’t work for Liquid. Instead, you must sandwhich your code between raw and endraw liquid template commands and indent (twice, maybe) the block of code you want rendered, like this [Here’s where I would like to show the code, but I can’t because liquid can’t render literal liquid code even inside block fences.]


I’m not going to invest much more time on this right now.

It would be nice to know

  • how to include liquid template commands in a markdown (jekyll) page for the purpose of documentation and communication (like this)
  • how to get the ‘render_with_liquid: false’ flag in the forward of a document to work

Tweet or email any answers you have, please.