If you’re a member of the CI faculty, and you’re interested in work being done at one (or more) of the commands at Naval Base Ventura County, then you should consider applying to participate in the ONR’s Summer Faculty Research Program. The application is not onerous, and you don’t even have to line up a collaborator, first. (Though I imagine that would help.)

In your application, you can identify two of the labs that you’re interested in working with. Our labs are easy to identify in the list. When you submit the application, your CV will be sent to a manager at the lab, and the CV will be circulated among scientists and engineers to see if anyone has an interest in working with you. (This is where identifying a collaborator ahead of time might be a good idea.)

Note that the funds to support you do not come from the ONR. They come from the local lab which sends the funds to ONR who administers all the program details. According to my sources, the local lab involvement in the program varies from having hosted no faculty recently, to having hosted about three faculty from around the country per summer. To my knowlege, no CI faculty have particiapted in the program in recent memory. Let’s change that.

The ONR also has a sabbatical leave program for faculty that appears to align nicely with the CSU difference-in-pay program. Check that program out, too.